Migrating Mural

We went big this year and none was bigger than the 6 story installation of the #MigratingMural at the Municipal Airport Tower in Springdale, Arkansas. I had been talking with INK DWELL a San Fransisco based art studio about their Migrating Mural project for over a year and through the help of the Walton Family Foundation, we were able to make it a reality. The artwork is focused on the Monarch butterfly and their critical role in the pollination of all plant life. Truly a remarkable species and one that has seen it's number dwindle in recent years and is actively needing more people to invest in creating monarch weigh stations that have milkweed plants that provide the monarch with the source of food necessary for reproduction. 

At first, we didn't have a location but after multiple discussions about how to activate local airports to make them more approachable and public art on the Razorback Greenway bike trail,  the airport tower was the clear-cut choice as it lies directly on the Greenway! It was no easy task scaling up the artwork but after some trial and error, we landed on a method of taking the original painting and digitally printing it to vinyl and wrapping laser cut aluminum sign stock that then attached to a custom frame and mounted to the tower. Check out some of the pics below of the install and subsequent celebration.